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You want to be healthy...we all do, right?

Maybe your New Years resolution is to eat right. Maybe you have been feeling sick for a while and are desperate for some relief.  Maybe you are busy and need quick, healthy options. Maybe you just want to feel good enough to be able to keep up with your growing kids. Getting healthy always sounds like a good idea — until you realize how busy you are and don’t know where to start!

That's where we come in.

Honey Land Juice Company exists to make eating healthy and making positive food choices an easy win for those that are too busy, too overwhelmed with options, or just don’t know where to begin. We of all people understand how tedious it is to be healthy in the busy seasons of life, and if you are anything like us…you’re always in a busy season! We were craving a place that meet our high standard for quality, healthy food options on the go. With no luck, Honey Land Juice Co. was born.

We care about what goes into our bodies...and yours!

The quality of the food you eat makes a big difference in how your body operates. If you treat it well, it will treat you well. At Honey Land Juice Company we pride ourselves on using only high quality, organic ingredients in your juices and smoothies from farmers right here in the Fox Valley. All of our juices are made through cold-pressing — by juicing this way we are able to completely avoid using heat to process the juice. Avoiding heat keeps the integrity and nutritional value of the produce and gives our juice more natural enzymes and vital nutrients.

When it comes to our smoothie products, we blend with commercial blenders that quickly turn whole foods into deliciously smooth beverages and frozen treats. We care deeply about the quality of the food we serve, the equipment we use, and most importantly and quality of YOUR life!

Organic Ingredients & Local Produce

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Honey Land Mini

The Team Behind the Trailer

Anna and Spencer...a married couple with a crazy deam.

We have always loved food, but along the way we grew to love eating good, healthy foods. After battling some health issues for years, Spencer finally found relief and healing from diet change and implementing whole, raw foods. Seeing the power that food has on the body inspired us to make huge changes in the way we treated our bodies. We now feel happier and healthier and wanted others to feel the same!

We are beyond grateful to serve our community and are so honored by all the love and support from our customers! When we’re not working in the trailer, we are probably doing a house project or enjoying time together as a family. 

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